Ginny’s Newest Books

No End of Bad

A DC conspiracy novel of grand proportions …

Washington, DC, housewife Margaret Turnbull’s life literally blows up after her husband, FBI agent, Clayton Turnbull, is falsely arrested and killed by agents working for an international drug cartel.

Unbeknownst to Margaret, her enemies’ tentacles reach all the way to the White House and control senior personnel. Their powerful enterprise in jeopardy, the assassins will stop at nothing to cover their tracks. With cutting edge surveillance—CIA, FBI, NSA—there’s nowhere to hide, no one to trust. No one is safe—anywhere. More…



Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally… Murder

When it comes to murder, even brilliant scientists aren’t immune.

The night Harold Munson is shot dead in his car, the primary suspect is the man’s brainiac wife. But Charlotte, who has a passion for science and sex with strangers, swears all she wants is a Nobel Prize for curing brain cancer, even if that requires fudging her research and a few dead patients along the way.