I Should Be Dead by Now

For women of a certain age, the last thing they want to talk about is how old they are.

But award-winning journalist Ginny Fite has broken this and other unspoken taboos in her hilarious self-help book about women and aging.

At times both moving and laugh-out-loud funny, I Should Be Dead by Now was inspired by the stories of women encountering the fact of aging with surprise, annoyance, and often relief.

5 Stars on Amazon!



“Wise, funny, and apt take on the absurdities and injustices of life” —John Nguyen

“The subtitle might lead you to think this book is only for women and that is unfortunate. Sure, it’s written from a woman’s perspective, but it’s apt for anyone who’s ever witnessed or suffered those little indignities of age. The tone of the book is not preachy or whiny. Neither is it a self-help or inspirational guide. Words like “musings” and “observations” come to mind. From having your brain lapse on you, to dealing with a boss who’s your son’s age, to being treated like an invisible person, the reader could understand, sympathize, and empathize with the scenarios that unfold within.

Each chapter is a short essay on the named subject matter. You can read the book from beginning to end or take on each chapter at your own pace. Either way, you won’t lose out on the main idea of the book or miss out on its entertainment.”


“Flat Out Hilarious!” —Carolyn

“This book is flat out hilarious and just the antidote those of us “of a certain age” need. It made me laugh aloud many, many times; it was just that familiar.”


“Wit and wisdom for the aging” —treehugger

“This book is a witty and wise look at the issues women over 50 face in today’s society: coping with the boss who is the age of your youngest child, dealing with your post-menopausal body, effective methods for conveying your end of life wishes to your children. Women under 50 and men could learn a thing or two from the author as well. Buy 2 copies—one for you and one to give to your best friend.”