Cromwell’s Folly

Good girls, it is commonly believed, are obsessed with bad boys. Usually, they get burned. Rarely do they get revenge…

Ben Cromwell—handsome, sexy and ruthless—keeps a stable of women; picks them up the way someone picks up a ripe peach, consumes it in a few bites, and throws away the pit. This time, he chose the wrong peaches.

When Detective Sam Lagarde of the West Virginia State Police based near Charles Town is called to the scene of a homicide, he instantly surmises the force he is facing is far beyond what he’s dealt with before. A head in dumpster and a pinky finger with an emerald/diamond ring attached is all he has to go by. Doggedly following lead after lead, Lagarde stumbles upon five women who all have one thing in common…

Cromwell’s Folly by Ginny Fite is represented by the Loiacono Literary Agency and published by Black Opal Books. Available wherever fine books are sold on September 26, 2015.

Read a Sample…

He had a gruesome murder and no firm suspects, but all he needed was one good break in the case…

“One more question,” Lagarde said. “Where were you on March fifteenth?”

“I was in New York for a professional conference. At the Hyatt. I presented my most recent paper on the incidence of acute pyelonephritis in pregnancy with regard to perinatal outcomes on March fifteenth.”

Lagarde swallowed. He had no idea what she’d just said. “That’s it for now. I may have more questions later,” he said. “Here’s my card in case you think of anything I should know. I can find my way out.”

He stood, handed her his card, and left the office, noticing for the first time that she had not shut her office door before the interview. He found that bit of theater as interesting as the rest of her performance. She was demonstrating that she had nothing to hide.

He turned back to look at her, “One more thing. Do you do surgery?”

“Only those procedures related to gynecology and obstetrics,” she said. “It’s my nearly ex-husband who’s the surgeon.”

Lagarde rocked back on his heels. Her husband is the surgeon. Ex-husband, he corrected himself. Both items were an interesting piece of news.

He noted she had not asked him when Cromwell was murdered or how, nor she had not been shocked about his death. She knew more than she was saying.