Cool Interview with All Author

This month I was interviewed by email for the All Author website. The questions were intriguing and the outcome is surprisingly fun! Follow this link for more.

Aurora Borealis –short story in Masque & Spectacle

My left hand, raised above me holding a paperback novel, is missing my wedding ring. An indentation remains, ghost-like, on my skin, a reminder of allegiance and duty. My hands swelled at eight months, and by the ninth, the ring’s gold edge cut into my flesh. I smeared my finger with butter and tugged off the ring. It sits safely in its box in my top drawer waiting for my body to return to a normal state. I’ve given up pacing the labor room corridor, bent in half, clinging to the handrail until each new pain subsides. Reading Dostoevsky’s The Idiot… Read More

A Little Pixie Dust on Writerfairys

Sometimes you just have to stick to your dreams. This essay is about how that worked for me.

“Unmentionables” air on the Chestertown Spy

Thrilled that the Delmarva Review, which published my short story “Unmentionables” in its Tenth Anniversary issue October 2018, has shared the story with the Spy papers. It’s now running on the Chestertown and Talbot Spy websites. This is how it starts: My mother tells me she’s outwitted the thief who wants to steal her underwear. Three months ago, the doctors said she would die of congestive heart failure in three days. She’s outwitted them too. She’s worried about her underwear, not heart failure. We’re in this together. It’s the moment when everything counts and we’re talking about protecting her underwear,… Read More

Finding the Root

Delighted to share this piece I wrote for Temenos, a literary journal that published my short story “Finding the Square Root of Everything. Finding the Root ​by Ginny Fite Several years ago while driving to the supermarket, a thought flashed through my mind with the speed of a ping pong ball passing through a vacuum: Our memories aren’t facts, they aren’t the truth, but just the story we tell ourselves about who we are. Link to the rest here:

Book Club Questions

I love meeting with book clubs to discuss my novels. Here are some questions to get you started in your discussion. Book Club Questions 1. How did you experience the book? Were you immediately drawn into the story–or did it take you a while? Did the book intrigue, amuse, disturb, alienate, irritate, or frighten you? 2. Do you find the characters convincing? Are they believable? Compelling? Are they fully developed as complex, emotional human beings–or are they one-dimensional? 3. Which characters do you particularly admire or dislike? What are their primary characteristics? 4. What motivates a given character’s actions? Do… Read More

Sisters in Crime Line Up in Baltimore

Delighted to announce I’ll be part of the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime Authors Panel May 17, 6 p.m. Hamilton Branch Library, 5910 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214. Here’s the line up: Barbara Bourland – Fashion magazine editor Catherine Ono (amateur detective) John DeDakis – Investigative journalist Lark Chadwick Ginny Fite – State Police Detective Sam Lagarde Eileen McIntire – The 90s Club at Whisperwood Retirement Village (amateur detective) Meg Opperman – Mystery short stories Jill Yesko – Baltimore private detective Jane Ronson Eileen McIntire, president of the Maryland Writers Association, will lead the panel. Looking forward to being… Read More

Mystery & Romance at Fredericksburg Spring Arts & Crafts Show

Come by and say hello at the Fredericksburg Arts & Crafts show on April 1 and 2. I’ll be there with another Black Opal Books writer, Tonya Royston, selling books! Into paranormal romance? Check out Tonya’s website: Tonya Royston

Where Do You Get Those Ideas?

Guest Post on JBronder Book Reviews My sister asks me after diving into one of my novels, “Where do you get these ideas?” “My mind is a dangerous place to be,” I respond. “No kidding,” she says. She should know. She grew up with me and observed first-hand the things I was capable of imagining. We didn’t have electronic games then, and there’s only so much monopoly anyone can stand, so we had to make up our own. Game devising requires story-building skills and a fair amount of persuasive ability, since there were four of us and everyone had to… Read More

Three Books and a Shipwreck

Guest post on Cheryl’s Book Nook Imagine I’ve survived a shipwreck—thrown into churning water, the ship sinking before my eyes, huge waves, sharp rocks, dragged across coral to be washed up on the beach, gasping like a dying fish exposed to air. And yet, I’ve managed to preserve three books to keep me company while airplanes search for survivors 500 miles in the wrong direction. I must have put these favorite books in a waterproof envelope, taped it closed, and strapped it to my body before I flung on the life preserver. Because, of course, what else would I save… Read More