New Novels Coming Soon!

I am thrilled to announce that Sunbury Press will publish my next paranormal mystery, POSSESSION, in which recently widowed Sylvie Andrus moves to a small river town with her nine-year-old son Jason and discovers she must solve a two-century old mystery before she can rid herself of the ghost that haunts her.
And, as if that weren’t enough, Sunbury Press is also publishing the novel THOUGHTS & PRAYERS co-authored with Cathy Baldau, Tara Bell, and K.P. Robbins using the pseudonym Lee Anne Post!

Good thing we have something to do during this time of plague and isolation.

Here’s a sample of POSSESSION that made it through the first round of edits.
Part I
Chapter 1

Fourteen April 1794—Rivertown

He gripped the hair at the back of her neck and yanked her out of the buggy. Clarinda tumbled to the ground.
“Stop. James, stop. What are you doing?” She scrambled to her feet.
The moon hung low on the horizon, hovering over the silver water. Gray cumulus clouds glided toward the moon. In a minute, it would be pitch dark.
Silent, he grabbed her arm and dragged her onto the stone wharf. She stumbled and fell onto the sharp rocks. The edge of a stone sliced her cheek. Clarinda pushed herself to her feet and swiped at her face. Blood streaked her hand.
“You’ve gone mad.”
James slapped her. “You are the mad one.”
She staggered backward. He lunged and slapped her again. “You have defiled our marriage, endangered my career. You are an embarrassment to my family. You don’t deserve to live.”
Clarinda backed away from him. “You’re not God. You don’t get to decide who lives or dies.”
“Watch me,” he snarled as his fist snapped her head around.
Uneven rocks beneath her feet tripped her. She reached out to grab his coat for balance, but he yanked himself away. Her arms flailed. Wind from the incoming storm whipped the shawl from her shoulders. It flew out across the water.
She fell backward, first into nothingness for what seemed forever, and then into the shocking cold of the river, black water rising around her and closing over her face.


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