“Unmentionables” air on the Chestertown Spy

Thrilled that the Delmarva Review, which published my short story “Unmentionables” in its Tenth Anniversary issue October 2018, has shared the story with the Spy papers.

It’s now running on the Chestertown and Talbot Spy websites. This is how it starts:

My mother tells me she’s outwitted the thief who wants to steal her underwear. Three months ago, the doctors said she would die of congestive heart failure in three days. She’s outwitted them too. She’s worried about her underwear, not heart failure.

We’re in this together. It’s the moment when everything counts and we’re talking about protecting her underwear, all those pretty garments stashed in a box under her bed—a metaphor for something I don’t want to decode.

“No one will think to look there,” she says.

Take a read. “Unmentionables” by Ginny Fite