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What was the inspiration for Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally Murder?
“A few summers ago, I was researching an idea that disease occurs first at the molecular level and if we could attack it there, we might find cures that don’t kill people. Truly, I have no idea why this thought occurred to me but, accustomed to following my curiosity down a rabbit hole, I looked up molecular medicine and realized a huge amount of investigation is being done in this area.

But I also discovered that serious medical researchers sometimes massage their results to show a better outcome than their experiments actually produced—changing, for instance, a drug’s efficacy from nil to positive. I read enough to realize this happens at the very best laboratories and at the highest levels of medical research. Instantly, the first part of a title for a new novel, Lying, Cheating, and Occasionally… flashed across my mind.

What kind of person would falsify the results of a clinical trial that affects people’s lives and under what circumstances would they do that? Did they want fame, adulation, power? The answer to my questions was Charlotte Rolle—brilliant, beautiful, and very determined to get a Nobel Prize in medicine for finding a way to cure brain cancer.

Once Charlotte appeared, I knew the last word of the title: Murder. Someone had to die. And Detective Sam Lagarde had to find the killer.”

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